How to choose a realtor in Farmington, MO 63640

Who to Choose as your Farmington, MO Real Estate Agent
Video Transcription

Kim Briese: Hi guys. It’s Kim Briese with Keller Williams Realty here in Farmington, Missouri, and we’re doing a final walk through, because it’s closing day. Yay. This is John and Nicole, and they are new in town from Springfield.

John: Yes.

Nicole: Yes.

Kim Briese: So, you want to tell us a little bit about why you decided to move to our community?

John: Yes. In August we became the Associate Youth Pastor of Open Heart Assembly here in Farmington, and my wife is now the secretary of the church there, and now we’re ready to be Farmingtoners.

Kim Briese: Awesome. So we have some new Farmingtonians out there for you guys. So, just a little bit about the process. So, what did you think about buying a home with Kim Briese here in Farmington, Missouri?

Nicole: Kim was awesome. You made the process so easy.

John: Yes.

Nicole: She was very helpful. Answered any questions, all times of day. That’s why us.

Kim Briese: Yes. Yes.

Nicole: She was very accessible. She made it super easy and fun.

Kim Briese: There you have it, you guys. Call me, and remember, Kim moves this town.

John: My wife is a secretary, so we moved here in August, and now we’re ready to settle down, and …

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